Our Approach

Finding the right people to help your company grow

Hiring the right people who fit seamlessly into the business and make a positive impact from the beginning is every company’s goal, especially with senior executives. We have helped companies accomplish this time and time again. We can do it for you too.

First, we will work with you to understand your requirements, define your objectives and outline the specific nature of the role and package being offered. Then we will begin our comprehensive search, carefully trawling our database and worldwide network, sharing information with our colleagues and mining other sources.

We will screen and evaluate candidates, prepare detailed profiles and arrange interviews. Once a candidate has been selected, we can assist you in negotiations and then help ensure there is a smooth integration into your company.

Stuart’s Group knows the Private Banking and Private Client Investment Management sectors exceptionally well. A combination of our proprietary research, sophisticated database and established contacts built up over many years give us a keen insight into the sectors, their people and how skills and roles are developing. These are fluid, constantly evolving sectors. On behalf of clients we track industry changes, and are able to react quickly to new instructions in an informed way.

We are controlled and discreet in our approaches to candidates and rigorous in the shortlists that we offer to clients. We work hard to keep all sides informed throughout the selection process and follow-up diligently to ensure that we learn from successful hires.

Our long-term relationships with our clients is a testament to the way we work and our ability to deliver successful results.